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Get Superior Granite Countertops for your Kitchen and Bathroom

The popularity of granite as kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops has been increasing remarkably amongst the homeowners. Being a renowned granite supplier in St Louis, Mo, United Granite offers a broad range of high quality granite materials at genuine prices. Our discount granite countertops make a great choice for application in any kitchen, bathroom, and many other interior spaces.

What makes granite perfect material for kitchen or bathroom countertop application?

Highly Durable Building Material

Granite is one of the hardest natural rocks and is known for being the most durable material used in home interiors. It is stain resistant and can easily bare regular spill of liquids used in bathroom, while maintaining the same gloss with normal cleaning. It can endure the normal kitchen heat including hot pans and is also not affected by household knives.

Natural Exquisiteness and Exclusiveness

The exquisiteness and appealing touch lent by natural granite to a kitchen or bathroom countertop surpasses any other construction material. As granite is formed due to natural process, each slab of granite has an exclusive appearance. By installing our discount granite countertops, an elegant look can be provided to your home design with the beauty and warmth of granite.

Huge Collection of Amazing Colors

The beauty of granite is enhanced by the diverse colors and patterns it exhibits. We have a huge collection of granite countertops with over 1000 colors to choose from. Our extensive inventory of products enables the customers to find the best design patterns and colour schemes that meet their personal preference, as well as complement the interior decor of their kitchen or bathroom.

Reasonable for its Quality

The cost of granite seems quite reasonable in terms of its beauty, durability and luxuriousness. The use of cutting-edge quarrying techniques and advanced technology for cutting and fabricating has also helped in lowering the price of granite. With our competitive price, we, at United Granite, supplies discount granite countertops making luxury affordable to our customers.


Whether you need kitchen countertops, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, Jacuzzi surrounds or any other custom design, United Granite can help you buy the best quality granite materials to meet your different requirements.

Level 1 ($32.95)

Level 2 ($37.95)

Venetian Gold

Level 3 ($42.95)

Level 4 ($50.95 and up)

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