How to Talk to Girls You Like Online and on Dates

Whether it be talking to girls online or talking to the woman that you like in person the following will be a guide that will present ideas and methods to help you figure out how to speak to a girl. We’ve all had trouble in our lives at some point when it comes to talking to that one special person your life. Sometimes we don’t know what exactly to say or that we are worried about messing it up. Women aren’t mythical creatures that we should worry about talking to, but rather they are people just like us.


Imagine a situation where the girl you want to talk to is online and you want to engage in a conversation with her. What would you say? what would you do? Learning how to talk to girls online at first may seem like an impossible mountain to climb, but really it’s as simple as slicing bread. Begin to engage in conversation with girls by first simply saying hello. From there, if they respond, ask them how they’re doing or ask what they’re up to. Simple questions like these, no matter how simple there are, usually warrant a response from girls. Another method may be to begin the conversation with a question that they will be expecting. An example of this would be ‘Hey, do you know the number of brain cells we have?’. Something like this is not what girls are expecting to talk about what someone. This draws interest in a conversation and gives the conversation starter more of an idea of what the girls are like.

on phone

At The Bar

Let’s say you’re at a bar and you want to talk to the person that you are interested in. Again, another simple method would either be to begin the conversation with a question out of left field. If not, try to focus the conversation topics on things relating to her. There’s nothing that we as people like to talk about more than ourselves when applying this method to someone in the bar should work just as well.

In a Public Area

Now think about going to a game of your favorite sporting team. You look across from seat and see a beautiful person and think “How to talk to girls you like” You’ve never seen this person before; you have no idea what they’re like. Thankfully, you do have one thing in common and that is the sporting event in which are both at and the teams that are competing against one another. So go over to that person and strike up a conversation with them. Before you know it you’ll be talking to them like a natural.

Anywhere Else

You may be thinking of a different scenario of how to talk to girls you like or how to talk to girls online, but really in any other setting than the ones seen above, there is not that much of a difference. Everyone wants to talk to someone who is able to carry a conversation naturally. Everyone wants to talk to someone who is able to carry a conversation naturally. Talk like you would want to be talked to. Think about if someone came to up to you and started a conversation, how would you want that conversation to go?

If in doubt talk it out. And there’s no better feeling than starting up a conversation with the one person that you are interested in. Go off and have a conversation today.