Kitchen Cabinets: Important Features of Wood to Consider

Published February 11, 2015

Choosing the right wood type for your kitchen cabinets requires a good knowledge of various characteristics of wood and how they change from one type to another. Three important characteristics of any wood are grain, type, and color.  Selection of wood to match the aesthetics of the kitchen space is generally contingent on these three factors. These three factors are briefly discussed below.



Any wood type that you will find could be named as softwood or hardwood.  As the name suggests, hardwood types are tend to be harder/denser than the softwood variants though it’s not necessarily true as some wood types belonging to the softwood family are quite strong. This distinction, more & less, comes from the way these trees germinate. Hardwood trees typically have broad leaves that are shed every year whereas softwood trees are evergreen and keep their needle all through the year. Some popular hardwood types include maple, oak, cherry, etc. On the other hand, famous softwoods include pine, cedar and spruce.



It refers to the natural pattern, texture or movement found in wood which is unique to every wood type. Common grain patterns include straight (broad/fine lines parallel to the axis of tree), spiral (round lines around the axis) and interlocked (spiral lines in both directions). It is important to choose a grain pattern that complements the measurements of your kitchen such that the entire space appears voluminous. You can visit our St. Louis, Missouri showroom to check kitchen & bathroom cabinets available in numerous grain patterns.



There are myriad color options available that range from mild/soft tones to darker hues. Maple, a popular and quite extensively used hardwood, is available in creamy white to pale reddish brown variants. Cherry, a premium wood, comes in golden yellow to deep red variants. Depending on finishing, some economical wood types could also resemble more expensive ones. Operating within the Greater St. Louis area, we offer maple kitchen & bathroom cabinets in several colors such as mahogany maple, mocha maple glazed, Expresso maple, cinnamon maple glazed, chocolate maple glazed, and crème maple glazed.

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Things to know about Kitchen Cabinets

Published January 8, 2015

Kitchen cabinets differ by the choice of material used for their construction. Wood, by far is the most common material used, however, there are many wood-like variants available in the market that give more durability to the cabinets as well as are substantially cheaper than wood variants. When it comes to wood types, the major factors that influence the buying decision are color, graining pattern, cost, durability and availability. Many manufacturers in the St. Louis, Missouri area provide several options in material used for making kitchen cabinets.


In general, veneered cabinets provide better grain-match than pure hardwood variants because natural wood grain patterns are not consistent over the cabinet’s surface. Staining is often done with wood variants to add more style to the finished product. It is a process of covering wood with a solvent that contains dyes & pigments which helps in augmenting the natural grain or color tone of the original product. A wood type can be stained in such a way that it will replicate another wood type as well as different colors that are not available with that particular wood type.


Apart from natural wood and veneered variants, cabinets are also made with laminate and thermo foil which through various manufacturing processes are applied to a wide range of substrates.  Laminates have three different layers to them which include a base layer of paper, a colored layer that imitates natural wood color and a transparent protective layer which in some cases could provide the same durability as of a countertop surface.

Another option used to produce a wood-like appearance is thermo foil. It is a vinyl film which is applied to a substrate by subjecting it to varying levels of heat and pressure. This manufacturing process helps it to imitate wood better than laminates and makes it less prone to chipping. Laminates and thermo foil options are quite popular in the St. Louis, Missouri area as they provide a cheaper alternative to natural hardwood kitchen cabinets.

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Types and Features of Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Published December 22, 2014

The two most important parts of kitchen remodeling that determine the aesthetics of the entire space are kitchen cabinets and countertops. There is a plethora of choices available in the market when it comes to cabinets and you may feel overwhelmed with these choices. To strike a perfect balance between the budget and looks, it is imperative to understand the differentiating features of these cabinets.


In general, kitchen cabinets can be divided into three different categories namely custom, semi-custom and stock types. Stock cabinets are available in certain standard sizes and shapes only since they are pre-manufactured as opposed to custom variants. There are some kitchen cabinets suppliers in the St. Louis, MO area that offer quality stock cabinets.


As they are pre-manufactured, their width and height also come in standard measurements. Most manufacturers offer these cabinets with width starting at 9 inches and increase it incrementally by 3 inches and in most cases this width goes up to the maximum of 48 inches. In terms of height, the standard measurement is 30 inches or 33 inches but it is not uncommon to see taller cabinets that are specifically made for bigger kitchen installation. Because they are pre-manufactured, they provide economies of scale and thus are more cost-effective than the other two types.


Stock cabinets are of two types: ready to assemble (RTA) and pre-assembled. RTA cabinets are similar to any other cabinet types that you will find at kitchen or bath stores. The only differentiating feature is that you need to assemble and install them on your own. Earlier, these cabinets were offered in limited designs and materials such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) cabinets with covering of melamine or thermo foil. In the St. Louis MO area, you can find some renowned kitchen cabinet suppliers that provide RTA as well as pre-assembled cabinets.


Not all types of stock cabinets require assembly as pre-assembled cabinets require only installation thus appreciably reducing the amount of work done in overall installation. You just have to unbox and install them in a pretty straightforward manner. However, they tend to be slightly more expensive than RTA cabinets.

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Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Published August 7, 2014

While choosing cabinets there are two different things that must be kept in mind: the cabinet type and the quality of construction. There are three basic types of cabinets available. A base cabinet generally has a measurement of 24 inches in depth and 36 inches in height. The depth can be customized up to 27 inches if required. A wall cabinet generally has 12 inches depth which can be increased up to 17 inches. Tall cabinets are in the range of 83 inches with respect to the height and are used commonly as pantry space.


Cabinets also differ in the quality of construction and are graded into different types according to their availability in the market. The four types of quality grades used to distinguish kitchen cabinets are discussed below.


Ready to Assemble (RTA)


These cabinets are constructed keeping in mind the cost effectiveness factor and are purchased boxed from different stores. However, long term availability is an issue with these cabinets. You need to construct and assemble on your own.



These have pre-defined measurements and are bought directly from the manufacturer. Since these are mass produced, their measurements cannot be altered which makes them less versatile. The kitchen cabinets are size specific and only increase in 3 inch increments. These come in different materials depending upon the type of manufacturer used.




These allow the customers to choose from a broader variety of materials and sizes. In terms of price point these are tad expensive than RTA and stock cabinets but have better quality cabinet construction. It allows a good amount of customization and their price also includes the installation charges. You can also buy these quality kitchen cabinets online from many retail stores.




These are made-to-order cabinets that provide cabinets in varying degrees of customization in terms of material, design, size, finish and accessories. Some companies give you the option to buy these quality kitchen cabinets online with varying specifications. These are of the highest quality available and include the delivery and installation charges.

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